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LiFePO4 Battery LBT-48100C 12V 24V 48V
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LiFePO4 Battery LBT-48100C 12V 24V 48V




1.Safe and Long life cycle

The cell belongs to lithium iron phosphate power cell which Can be recycled about 6000 times.

2.Modular Design

The quality of industrial design is more reliable and more standardized , and it’s Suitable for industrial and civil use.

3.Intelligent BMS

Intelligent Battery protection system make the battery more stable and safer.

4.Comprehensive compatibility

It is better suited for off-grid inverters and hybrid inverters.

LBT-48100C(规格书)LBT-48100C细节图像LBT-48100尺寸表LBT 包装及运输(版块)生产管理团队(详情页)详情页证书公司简介


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