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Gel Battery G12V 100AH
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Gel Battery G12V 100AH

  • G12V 100AH

  • Cworth Energy


G12V100AH 胶体电池海报2


1. Long service life

2. Warranty is 18 months

3. Non-spillable

4. High energy density

5. Rugged construction

6. Sealed/Maintenance-free


Model G-12V 100AH
Cells Per Unit 6
Voltage Per Unit 12
Capacity 100Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V per cell @25℃
Max. Discharge Current 1000A(5 sec)
Internal Resistance Approx. 5.0Ω
Recommended Maximum Charging Current Limit 30A
Operating Temperature Range Discharge: -20℃~60℃ Charge: 10℃~50℃ Storage: -20℃~60℃
Normal Operating Temperature Range 25℃±5℃
Float Charging Voltage 13.6 to 13.8V DC/unit Average at 25℃
Equalazation and Cycle Sevice 14.4 to 14.6V DC/unit Average at 25℃
Self Discharge
GEL batteries can be stored for more than 6 month at 25℃. Self-discharge ratio less than 3% per month at 25℃. Please charge
batteries before using.
Weight 27.8kg
Size 330×171×218mm

G12V 100AH尺寸表胶体电池海外案例(版块)胶体电池包装及运输(版块)我们的工厂(版块)详情页证书



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